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Please choose two of the following four scenarios and answer the two prompts bel

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Please choose two of the following four scenarios and answer the two prompts below. This should take about two pages in APA format.
STEP 1 – Identify the diversity issues in the scenario.
STEP 2 – Discuss possible solutions to the problem.
You can refer to the textbook chapters and The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’ QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT EMPLOYER RESPONSIBILITIES CONCERNING THE EMPLOYMENT OF MUSLIMS, ARABS, SOUTH ASIANS, AND SIKHS (Links to an external site.) to assist you.
Scenario 1
You are a group of employee relations team members in a medical office. One of the departments in your organization has recently hired an individual from Iraq. The new hire has been practicing his “religious convictions” in the workplace. Initially this was reported to only include meditation and prayer while on scheduled break time. Then yesterday, he was seen washing his feet in the employee restroom sink. A number of employees are complaining that this is “unsanitary” and that “these foreign practices” shouldn’t be exhibited in the workplace. You have contacted the Council on American-Islamic Relations and found that “before prayer, Muslims are required to wash their face, hands and feet with clean water. This washing is normally performed in a restroom sink or other facility that has running water.”
Scenario 2
You are a group of employee relations team members in a large pediatric clinic. Self-directed work teams have been established to work on a number of new projects. Jim, a member of one the new work teams, recently spoke with his supervisor about his team. His supervisor has come to you for help. Jim says he is a “fundamentalist Christian” with strong religious beliefs. He expresses concern about Kelly, one of the members of his team. Kelly is openly gay. She keeps a small picture of her partner of ten years at her workstation. Jim is having a hard time accepting the fact that he has to work with Kelly. He has stated that she “flaunts her immoral lifestyle for all to see” (referring to the partner’s picture). He asks to be removed from the project immediately. Both Jim and Kelly have critical skill sets needed for the project to succeed.
Scenario 3
You are a group of employee relations team members working for Walgreens pharmacy. One of the senior employees has come to you with a problem he’s recently discovered with an employee. The employee is one of the top performers in the group, is always on time and has never had problems on the job. However, the senior employee has recently learned that this man is a cross-dresser and often goes out in public dressed in make-up, a wig, and women’s clothing. The employee is a company truck driver and so has contact with the public while on the job. To the senior employee’s knowledge, the employee has never cross-dressed at work, but in the interest of protecting the company’s image, would like to see his employment terminated.
Scenario 4
You are a group of employee relations team members in a hospital. You are investigating a harassment complaint brought by one of the female employees against a male co-worker. In an interview with the woman, she described an incident where a male co-worker, a native of a European country, made what she felt was an inappropriate comment to her. At lunch one day, attended by only the two of them, he remarked that he “found her very sexual.” She felt that the remark was completely out of line because he was married and became extremely upset. She has refused to have any further contact with him. She is very angry at his continued attempts to talk with her. When you spoke with him, he explained that he meant the remark as a compliment and has been trying to apologize.

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