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Please read the attached book and address the following questions: What is Greek

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Please read the attached book and address the following questions:
What is Greek love? Explain as clearly as you can. How is it different from contemporary view of homosexuality?
Sappho of the island of Lesbos has been given different representations in different periods of history, often more closely related to the needs of the respective societies. It is hard to know exactly who the original Sappho was, or it may not matter much. Based on Goldhill’s book, explain what kind of roles Sappho had played in Victorian England.
What is the Christian perception of body? How is it different from Graeco-Roman perception of body? And why so?
What is the Christian perception of marriage and sex? What is the tension between the Christian teaching on marriage and sex and social norms in Roman society?
There are also a lot of connections between Graeco-Roman ideas and Christian way of life. Identify some Graeco-Roman elements that have influenced Christians, and how later Christians reacted to their Graeco-Roman heritage.
Our history, whether Graeco-Roman or Christian, has a huge and sometimes unconscious impact on today’s society. Can you identify some features in your own thinking about body that can be traced back to the Graeco-Roman or Christian traditions? Focus on one or two features and explain them carefully.

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