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Please review the course reflection post and provide response in 50 to 75 words

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Please review the course reflection post and provide response in 50 to 75 words
The course of managerial finance helps in learning about the branch of finance involved with the impact of economic techniques, like analysis, financial gain statements, and comparative monetary statements, on business management. It helps investors for investing their money to get more profit and make more money. There is the best tool for understanding this (Ekpo,et. al., 2017).
Interact higher With Company’s Finance Department: only too typically, this is often the perception that people inside a company have concerning their finance department: That it’s a bunch primarily designed to mention no to promising ideas. But that perception is way from the reality. one in every one of the first duties of finance is to see that comes to show the foremost promise for a positive come back on investment, and to order those overcomes which might contribute less effectively to the company’s strategic goals. Coming back to the present determination needs plenty of knowledge and deliberation; choices are ne’er merely created on a whim. Equipped with the language of finance Associate in Nursing an understanding of the factors the finance department should take into account as they evaluate potential homes, it’s doable for the company to additional effectively communicate and collaborate with them and generate opportunities that add price to the organization. A company that measures performance strictly in terms of magnified revenue targets, as they grow on top of the rise in revenue (Hamdan, Nordin, & Khalid, 2019).
Ekpo, N. B., Etukafia, N. I., Acha, I. A., Udoidem, J. O., & Asogwa, I. E. (2017). Growth implications of managerial finance in business: Empirical evidence from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. World, 3(1), 061-068.
Hamdan, F., Nordin, N., & Khalid, F. (2019). Understanding the Employees Acceptance on Online Training for Basic Managerial Finance. Creative Education, 10(06), 1305.

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