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Please watch the video below and read the two attached articles. In a 500 word p

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Please watch the video below and read the two attached articles. In a 500 word paper, analyze the arguments being made about democracy and America. Be critical and take a position on the points being made about American Democracy. By having a historical understanding of American government you can begin to deduce how American government was built to function and critique how it actually functions today. Was it built to function as it is or were there flaws in the system that lead to a form of government the founders did not envision? Are the positions taken by the authors of the two articles below strong positions or are there flaws in their arguments?   
For full credit you must:
Demonstrate your understanding of the course content and above material.
Give at least two points with examples on the issue of American Government and Democracy.
video link: 
Article 1: 
Article 2: 
Criteria:  Takes strong, well defined position. Uses at least 3 appropriate reasons with at least 2 supporting details for each reason. Counter arguments effectively addressed.  Structure of paper is clear and easy to follow. Paragraph transitions are logical and maintain the flow of thought throughout the paper. Conclusion is logical and flows from the body of paper. 

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