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Please write your response paper on the following texts: Thomas Aquinas, “The Na

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Please write your response paper on the following texts:
Thomas Aquinas, “The Natural Law”
What do you find significant in the text with regard to medieval Philosophy?
Weekly Response Papers
Each week, you will write a short response paper on one of the primary sources assigned for that week. These papers are due at the beginning of class. Your weekly response papers should be 500-750 words – please list the word count at the end of the paper.
I’m mainly interested in how well you understand the primary source texts, not the background readings. Your papers should demonstrate a close reading of the texts—a serious attempt to understand those texts and the ideas contained therein, and carefulness in writing and expressing your own thoughts.
Each response paper should contain the following 2 parts:
Part 1: A very brief summary of ONE of the primary sources. This should be no more than a sentence or two, and set apart from the main body of the response paper.
Part 2: An analysis of the primary source you select that answers one of the questions asked for that text. This is the main focus of the response papers. Please make sure to answer the question I am asking, and explain what you find to be significant in this text, and why. Please do not merely summarize or describe the text.
If you wish, you can conclude with a sentence or two of what you find interesting or noteworthy about the text. This is an extension of element no. 2, above, and allows for you to give your own opinion about the text and what lessons it can impart.

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