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Pre-Course Check-in and Expectations Please post your pre-course check-in inform

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Pre-Course Check-in and Expectations
Please post your pre-course check-in information here. Thank you!
Online Dialogue Assignment #1 (worth 80 points out of a total 200 possible for Online Dialogues) Minimum 400 words, maximum 750words
Learner check-in and expectations.
Please check into the course online forum with information regarding:
•    Your background in leadership, including accounting, social value, and reporting.
•    Your anticipated value from this course: What you want to learn?
•    What you value and count as most important in your life at this time of your life?
•    Your future goals as they relate to tying your present learning goals and your overall life goals.
•    One ‘quote’ from someone you know, personally, professionally, or a family member, describing you as a person.
•    How you plan to measure the successful completion of your goals?
Important: I will review the information to determine the depth we go into each element of the course to balance our course content and reflection as we progress through the course with as much real-time experience as possible.
Don’t be boring. If you regurgitate questions to complete your bio, it will look like the millions of bios already out there in various organizational and BA Program intros around the world. I don’t grade creativity, but you owe it yourself to be creative in expressing this important introduction of YOU. When working with others, a first impression is often all we get to present.

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