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Project 8: Personal Performance EvaluationENG Final Draft Submission Deadlines:F

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Project 8: Personal Performance EvaluationENG Final Draft Submission Deadlines:Final Draft Word Count and Setup Requirement:250-300 words (plus an APA cover page)Double-spaced lines12-point Times New Roman fontWHAT: Compose a brief memorandum or business letter that reflects on your evolution as a writer, researcher, and thinker based on the work accomplished for the Recommendation Report and the PPT Presentation in this course.HOW:  A Personal Performance Evaluation hasan introductory section that includes a statement of purpose for the Evaluation;at least one body paragraph that supports the statement of purpose with specific examples;aconcluding section that connects back to the statement of purpose.For this memo or letter, you will summarize, analyze, and evaluate your participation in course objectives and assignments, along with your growth as a writer and researcher of business-related projects.  Use your syllabus and coursework to compose this formal, reflective document.  Be specific and use examples to illustrate what you have learned.Here are some questions and points to consider:1)What changes have you noticed in your ability to create effective written and oral presentations designed for a specified audience, subject, andpurpose?2)How have you used revision (working with early, advanced, and final drafts) for generating ideas, drafting, and developing business-related writing and researching endeavors?  What benefit have you found in the revision process?WHY:  A college course should expand and enhance your academic skills, and a college writingcourse should build upon the writing foundation you brought to the beginning of the class.  As promised in ourcourse syllabus, this term you have completed assignments intended to extend skills in the following areas:researching and writing assignments designed for a variety of audiences, subjects, and purposes;rhetorical appeals and definitions used in business communication;personal and collaborative revision and editing skills in the service of substantive revision.It is important to reflect upon these learning objectives and your performance in the course now that the major written assignments have been completed.  A Personal Performance Evaluation allows you to do just that.

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