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Project Description: Pick one composer we studied in this course whose works you

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Project Description: Pick one composer we studied in this course whose works you might consider adding to your personal music collection. Write a brief biography of the composer that includes some facts about him/her that were not included in the text. (Some things you should include: birth and death dates, where he/she lived and worked, events that influenced his/her career choice and their writing, any peculiar facts that make him/her interesting, etc.) Make sure you cite references for your research. (You wouldn’t believe how many reports I receive that are obviously COPIED straight off of Wikipedia or similar websites. This is called plagiarism – or CHEATING by using someone else’s work.) I DO notice when you’re using words
I don’t think are normally in your vocabulary.
Then, using correct musical terminology, describe their compositions. (Some things to include: stylistic period of the music, genres he/she wrote in, musical characteristics of their work … use the textbook descriptions as a guide for this part, but do NOT COPY what the book says.) Finally, tell me why this composer’s works are of interest to you. If you were introducing this music to your friends or family, what would you say to get their interest? Again, make sure you use the musical vocabulary we learned in the course, but please don’t try to sound like you’re just throwing out random terms. This is YOUR description.
While the quality of your work is more important than the quantity of your words, papers should be about 2 pages in length or longer only if you need the additional space to be thorough with your information. Remember to cite the sources you use in your research. Again, it is very important that you avoid plagiarism; be sure to reword any information you are using, or if necessary to use a quote, to use quotation marks and a source citation. (Can you tell that this is important??) Grammar and spelling also count!

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