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Prompt: Why does Alice Mathias call her generation the “Fakebook Generation,” st

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Prompt: Why does Alice Mathias call her generation the “Fakebook Generation,” stating, “Dwelling online is a cowardly and utterly enjoyable alternative to real interaction”?  
Answer all 3 parts of the question: 
Why, according to Mathias, “dwelling” on social media and constant role-playing might be so enjoyable, while also being cowardly and fake?  
In order  for you to answer this question, explain why Mathias compares social media to the “stage” and continuously uses “theatre” metaphors. 
Hint: Don’t we all enjoy costume parties, masquerades, carnivals, eternal Halloween, school plays, movies, etc. — by wearing masks of various identities and temporarily escaping from the responsibilities of the real world/real self?    
Support your ideas by integrating 1 direct meaningfully selected quotation from Mathias’ article. Integrate the quote in  the middle of your response. Find a separate quote from Mathias’ article than the one in my prompt above. You may want to select a quote, in which Mathias compares Facebook to theatrical performances, etc. 
Your 1-paragraph response should ve developed on at least 1/2 page.

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