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Provide a short video tutorial (target is 3 minutes – up to 5 minutes allowed) i

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Provide a short video tutorial (target is 3 minutes – up to 5 minutes allowed) introducing students to one of the key concepts of consumer psychology / behavioural economics in an engaging way. ( The format that it can be done in is either a Word file with link to videofile with references. Video – audiovisual presentation or powerpoint presentation – MP4 file with references at the end (havard)  This must include: • Introduction to the concept and associated theories / models with critical discussion about the concept – for example different views / recent studies – how relevant is it today? What are its limitations? • Examples of application of the theory / concepts in product / service / social purpose or social marketing. • Implications for marketers – how this could be further used to improve impact? Remember that the audience for this is a University student studying Consumer Psychology Remember you will be expected to demonstrate and apply considerable wider reading around your chosen concepts using respected academic and sector literature, comparing and contrasting different approaches, models and examples A storyboard Padlet must be included in relations to the topic (Conspicuous Consumption )
Demonstrate a range of business communication skills A range of sources and theories must be used follow assessment criteria in assessment workshop video file

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