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Purpose: It’s valuable to reflect on our previous educational experiences to ass

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It’s valuable to reflect on our previous educational experiences to assess what has been meaningful to our development. It is also valuable to acknowledge what we wish we would have received to prepare us for college and “adult” life. This essay prompt is an opportunity to identify what you expect from your teachers, from your educational institutions. By looking at our past educational experiences, hopefully we can advocate for what we want to see from our educational institutions moving forward.
This essay is meant for you to practice and develop the following skills that are essential to your success in this course:
Write effective body paragraphs using the MEAL Chart method
Use quotes as evidence in your body paragraphs using the Quotation Sandwich technique
Using Synthesis to connect evidence from various sources to support main points
Create MLA citations and Works Cited entries to document your sources
Continue practicing the skills from unit 1 (thesis statements, outlining, summaries, illustrative writing, annotating)
This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the following important content knowledge:
An introduction to social class
Various teaching methods and practices
Prompt: Write a 5-page letter to your high school teachers where you offer them suggestions to provide a meaningful educational experience for students. Your letter must:
Be addressed to a specific audience who is unfamiliar with the readings
Define what you consider a meaningful education should offer
Develop a series of suggestions with evidence to support why they would create a meaningful education
Include evidence from the following sources:
Jean Anyon’s “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work”
Paulo Freire’s “Chapter 2: The Banking Concept of Education”
Darryl Robinson I went to some of D.C.’s best schools. I was still unprepared for college (Links to an external site.)
Criteria for Success:
Have an argumentative thesis (summary of your argument) Remember that there are no right or wrong suggestions. Your job as a writer is to persuade your audience—your former teachers—that your suggestions would produce a meaningful education. Have a thesis that organizes your overall argument and directly answers the prompt. In other words, in 1 to 2 sentences summarize your main suggestions and why they will ultimately benefit students.
Use a minimum of 3 sources (readings) to meet the requirements of the prompt: Jean Anyon’s essay, Paulo Freire’s essay, and 1 other text we’ve read in class.
Organize your body paragraphs using the MEAL chart as a guide, meaning you start each paragraph with only 1 suggestion which you then support with evidence from your sources, including relevant quotes framed with the quotation sandwich technique, followed by analysis of how that evidence supports your main point.
Use the Quotation Sandwich Technique to incorporate quotes as evidence, meaning you follow a general 3-step method of first introducing necessary background so readers have context about the quote, inserting the quote with signal phrases and correct MLA citations, and then finally providing an analysis and explanation of how the quote supports your main point.
Use synthesis to support your main points, meaning you incorporate evidence from at least two different sources to support each main point in your essay.
Write to a specific audience: your former teachers. Assume they have not read the sources (the readings). That means you’ll need to briefly summarize them to provide contextual, introductory background for your topic and source. Refer to They Say, I Say statements to help you with the summary.
Describe illustrative, specific examples to support your thesis. These can include school-work and pedagogical choices you experienced in school or from your sources (Anyon’s essay is full of excellent examples of school-work). The important thing is that you describe and explain examples fully so that they support your suggestions.
Write at least 5 full pages and include an original title and a Works Cited page (Works Cited Page does not count towards 5 pages of writing). More importantly, regarding length, consider whether you have answered the prompt to the best of your ability.

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