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Putting It All Together This assignment has 3 parts. Be sure to check off each o

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Putting It All Together
This assignment has 3 parts. Be sure to check off each one so you know that you accomplished it. You will be creating a personal résumé in Microsoft Word, and a PowerPoint presentation, and then zipping these files with your Excel spreadsheet that you created for the Week 4 Project into a compressed folder (a .zip file) to upload to the Week 5 Project submission area.
Create your résumé for when you are about to graduate from your program of Psychology. Don’t limit yourself to experiences and achievements you have today; you may add experiences and achievements you expect to have by the time you graduate. Later, you can keep adding skills and experiences to your résumé as you complete classes, gain more job experience, or change jobs.
Tip: You learned about tables in Week 2. Tables are great for creating résumés. Most of the time borders are turned off on the tables after the résumé is created although sometimes a top or bottom border is turned on to separate categories. However, the easiest way to create your résumé is to use a Word résumé template.
Click on the link below, Week 5 Project Tips, for some visual aids on how to tackle this week’s project.
Week 5 Project Tips
Part I: The Resume
Create your résumé based on the following criteria in Microsoft Word and save it as W5P_Resume_LastName.docx. Remember that the program will automatically add the extension of .docx.
Ensure that the résumé was logically laid out and easily understood
Create categories: create distinct separation and identification of important line-item job skills and experiences using bullets or numbers with appropriate application.
Have content separation: provide a distinguishing feature that separates one line or paragraph from the others.
Modify text: modify default typeface in one line or section and modify the default color or style of a line or section.
Modify text size: modify the default typeface size by changing the points in at least one line on the page
Create an overall professional look to your résumé.
Include a header with your name and include page numbers. In reality, you would only do this if your résumé was more than one page, but you are demonstrating your skills in this document.
Part II: The PowerPoint
Create a new PowerPoint presentation and save it with the file name of W5D_Presentation_LastName.pptx.
Choose a slide design that suits you. On your first slide, include a title of your choosing to introduce yourself. In the subheading, include the course number, your name, and the date.
Create five slides where you can share your hobbies, interesting times in your life, or just different things about you. You should not include any personal information such as your address, social security number, student ID, or anything sensitive that you would not share publicly. Make sure that whatever you share is classroom appropriate.
Create one slide that will be an “invitation” to your graduation party. Identify the who, what, when, where, and why of the party details. Include appropriate graphics and text formatting to make your invitation appealing.
All slides should be formatted creatively and appropriately.
Part III: The Zip Folder
Create a new folder called W5P_LastName. Put your résumé Word file, your PowerPoint file, and your Excel file from Week 4 Project into this folder and “zip” the folder following directions below to upload one file as your Week 5 Project submission. In the Comments box, briefly share your experiences with completing this project.
This is a handy way to treat multiple files. Once uploaded, be sure to download and unzip your folder to make sure that it contains exactly what you want in it. Sometimes in a rush, students upload empty folders and lose one-fourth of their grade for the class. Don’t let this mistake happen to you!
* To zip the folder on a PC:
Right-click on the main folder (W5P_LastName).
From the drop-down menu select Send To -> Compressed (zipped) Folder
Attach the resulting ZIP file to your response in the classroom.
* To zip the folder on a MAC:
Right-click on the main folder (W5P_LastName).
From the drop-down menu select Compress.
Attach the resulting ZIP file to your response in the classroom.

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