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Q1. The foundation of Nike’s global sports apparel dominance lies in the company

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Q1. The foundation of Nike’s global sports apparel dominance lies in the company’s continual ability to outcompete rivals by aligning its superior design, innovation, and marketing capabilities with outsourced manufacturing. Such a strategy necessitates a complex marriage of innovative product designs with fresh marketing techniques and a global chain of suppliers and manufacturers. Explore Nike’s most recent strategic management changes ( How well do these changes reflect the company’s focus on innovative design and marketing strategies? Has the company’s relentless focus on apparel innovation affected its supply chain management? Do these changes – or Nike’s strategy, more broadly – reflect the company’s ubiquitous Swoosh logo and “Just Do It” slogan? Visit Nike’s corporate website for more in-depth information:
Q2. Review the Careers link on L’Oréal’s worldwide corporate Web site ( How does L’Oréal hire good people and build core competencies and competitive capabilities? Please use the book’s discussions of recruiting, training, and retaining capable employees and building core competencies and competitive capabilities as a guide for preparing your answer
3. What are three ways that prescribing new policies and operating procedures act to facilitate strategy execution?
4. What is the difference between Six Sigma DMAIC programs and Six Sigma DMADV programs?
5. What are some of the problems posed by new acquisitions and multinational operations

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