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question 1. compare and contrast two fundamental security design principles. Ana

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question 1. compare and contrast two fundamental security design principles. Analyze how these principles and how they impact an organizations security posture. minimum 300 words and Must be APA format.
Q 2. Discuss the process that generates the power of AI and discuss the differences between machine learning and deep learning.should be 250-300 words.must be at least one APA formatted reference (and APA in-text citation) to support the thoughts in the post.  Do not use direct quotes, rather rephrase the author’s words and continue to use in-text citations.
Q3. Survey the literature from the past six months to find one application each for DSS, BI, AND ANALYTICS. Summarize the applications on one page and submit it with the exact sources. Must be APA format.
Q4. Find information about IBM Watson’s activities in the healthcare field. write a report. Must be APA format and must one page.
Q5. Discuss the difficulties in measuring the intelligence of machines. Must be APA format and one page.
Q6. In 2017, McKinsey & Company created a five-part video titled “Ask the AI Experts: What Advice Would You Give to Executives About AI?” View the video and summarize the advice given to the major issues discussed. 
Q7.5.Watch the McKinsey & Company video (3:06 min.) on today’s drivers of AI at watch?v=yv0IG1D-OdU and identify the major AI drivers. Write a report.
Q8. Explore the AI-related products and services of Nuance Inc. ( Explore the Dragon voice recogni- tion product.
All must be APA format. from question 3 to 8 must be one page.

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