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Questions to Consider: You can focus on the questions that interest you the most

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Questions to Consider:
You can focus on the questions that interest you the most, but you should address the question(s) from each section.
1.Description: describe the production (what you saw and heard)
Include basic details: titles, director, major performers
Describe the audience and the performance venue, if shown
Describe the structure of the piece (episodic, climactic, etc.)
Describe the acting or performance style and performances that stood out to you
Describe the world of the piece (sets, lighting, costumes, etc.)
Describe staging conventions (example: do performers acknowledge the spectators?)
2.Interpretation: interpret the production (refer to programs and other sources)
What was it about to you? (Do not include a plot synopsis. You can assume your reader is familiar with the play.)
What do you think was the artist’s intention—desired effect on the audience? (Why here? Why now?)
3. Evaluation: evaluate what you saw within the context of what you think they were attempting
Was the intention worthwhile?
How effectively did it fulfill what you believe was the intention?
How did the spectators respond?
Would you recommend production?                                                                                                                           
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