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Re-Read/Review Insider Example: Student Memorandum – page 315-316.  Miller-Cochr

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Re-Read/Review Insider Example: Student Memorandum – page 315-316.  Miller-Cochran, S. K., Stamper, R., & Cochran, S. (2019). An insider’s guide to academic writing: A rhetoric and reader. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martins, Macmillan.
Using this as a model, write your own memorandum.
It may be on the same topic or something different. Be sure to have read the annotations on the side of the Memo for ideas on formatting your own. You do not have to “copy” the format of the student memo, but be intentional about making it organized and easy to follow for your reader.
One page. Single spaced. Font 11-12. References not required, but if used, determine whether MLA or APA is appropriate. Files must be in Word or PDF.
Have fun with this. Perhaps you are a superhero writing to your arch enemy. Maybe you are writing to your rich uncle asking for financial support. Maybe you are proposing to that special someone.

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