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Read the article below and practice using the active strategy techniques mention

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Read the article below and practice using the active strategy techniques mentioned in this chapter, such as previewing, annotating, and summarizing. After marking the text, try to answer these questions:
In previewing the article (i.e. looking at original publication and date), what do you think the purpose of this article is?
What is the general point in each paragraph? Create a summary to indicate each paragraph’s main idea.
What is the main point of the entire article? Review all your annotations and create a summary of the article and how it relates to each paragraph’s main idea.
This article appeared in the Fall 2013 (Vol. 5 Issue 3) of A Bird’s Eye View, a Dale Mabry Campus newsletter for faculty and staff.
A New Face at Dale Mabry
by Michelle Sanders
Although Dean Jim Wysong is new to the administration team, he has a rich history of involvement with Hillsborough Community College that makes him a familiar face to many. Beginning in 1988 as a full-time temporary physical science instructor at the Brandon campus, he then progressed to a tenure track position and later to program manager. Throughout his time, Dean Wysong has served on numerous committees, from longest co-chair of the General Education Committee, to a member of the Tenure Committee, to Vice President of FUSA, just to name a few.
Over the last twenty-five years, Dean Wysong has experienced and participated in the evolution of HCC. He remembers, as an inaugural faculty member at the Brandon campus, teaching on card tables with metal folding chairs. He shared that all the campuses have grown not only in number of students, but also in appearance, as is evidenced by the transformation of Dale Mabry campus through the Beautification Program. In addition, Dean Wysong believes these changes helped enhance the collegial atmosphere of our college.
When he asked about his vision for HCC, Dean Wysong shared the philosophy his mentor, Lon Brown, instilled in him: to provide a top quality education for our students, which is no different from the education they would receive at a four-year university. He believes passionately in this and is proud of the success our students experience when they continue their education at a university.
In addition to providing students quality education, Dean Wysong loves working at HCC because he has the good fortune of working with outstanding colleagues, several of which encouraged him to take this position as interim Dean. He appreciates the warm welcome he has received at Dale Mabry—as well as his freshly painted office!
In addition to his contributions to our college, during some summers, Dean Wysong also leads University of Texas faculty development trips and courses to Iceland to study the myriad of volcanic landforms and geothermal features in that region. Studying geology and geography are personal interests of his, as well as taking his family on unusual vacations like exploring active volcanoes and traveling in submarines.
When he has free time, Dean Wysong enjoys flying. Having a father who worked in an aviation business, he started flying at a young age. On his 16th birthday, he earned his private pilot license and made his first solo flight. Wysong has many fond memories of flying, and he still loves flying in his favorite plane, the Cessna 172.
Hopefully, those of you who do not already have the privilege of knowing our new dean will have an opportunity to meet him and discover the experience and wisdom he has to offer.

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