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Read the panel discussion transcript (attached file), featuring Counseling facul

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Read the panel discussion transcript (attached file), featuring Counseling faculty members who share their experiences with leadership and advocacy in the following areas, and read the attached articles.
For this assignment of 750 words, address the following: 
Describe an opportunity for leadership and/or advocacy that is of primary interest to you. 
Identify an activity that you learned about through reading the  panel discussion or articles that you knew nothing about. 
Describe an area of advocacy and/or leadership that you feel would be out of your comfort zone or out of reach for you to participate in at the presenttime. 
You may choose from the following: 
A) Leadership.
▪ Advocacy: Promoting advocacy skills within counseling leaders and emerging leaders.
▪ Leadership: Engaging in officer positions or serving on committees in counseling professional association. 
B) Counselor education and leadership within the university. 
▪ Advocacy. 
▪ Leadership. 
C) Supervision. 
▪  Advocacy: Professional licensure issues, including supervision requirements and gatekeeping. 
▪  Leadership: Serving on a state licensing board or working on supervision credentialing standards and best practices.
D) Research. 
▪ Advocacy: Outcome research needed for advocacy with policy makers. 
▪ Leadership: Journal editorial boards. 
E) Counseling practice. 
▪ Advocacy: Clinical issues or populations, particularly social justice concerns. 
▪ Leadership: Administrative roles within a community agency or community. 
F) Advocacy: 
▪  Self-advocacy: Attending to professional development and self-care. 
▪  Advocacy: Client, community, or systemic issues addressed at local, state, and national levels. 
▪  Leadership: Developing and training others to engage in advanced advocacy initiatives (for example, testifying in front  
of Congress as an expert witness, encouraging legislators to co-sponsor bills). 

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