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Read 3 Brains

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3 Brains page 343-346
Limbic Lobe pages 348-349
Pathways pages 355-357
General Directions for Discussion #1
Grading Rubric – Discussion #1 Chapter 8 – Activities for Disc #1 REQUIRED:
1. Do the reading above and watch these videos:
Brain animation thumbnail
Here’s an animated tour of the brain emphasizing the three brains.
A video that shows the three brains on a real human brain (cadaver brain, of course). You only have to watch the ‘3 brains’ section section. It runs from the 5 minute mark to the 20 minute mark.

2. Explore the Harvard Whole Brain Atlas site, including the home page, the normal brain page, and one of the cases (e.g. stroke, tumor, Alzheimer’s). After reading about the 3 brains in Ch 8.2, can you the different textures of the three brains in the images? Can you tell which of the three brains is affected in the case you looked at?
Main site: “Normal brain” – FYI: 3 planes: 8.3 Blausen_0104_Brain_x-secs_SectionalPlanes copy.png

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