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Read Knapp and Hall, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Also see the Professor’s comments 1

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Knapp and Hall, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
Also see the Professor’s comments
1)  Describe a business environment, and then analyze it using the perceptual characteristics of environment.  
2)  Describe the architectural design and furniture within the environment.  Then analyze them using the material in the text.
3) Based on the text material on perceptual characteristics, semi-fixed feature space, and fixed feature space, recommend ways to change this environment which would improve communication.
4)  How does your office affect the communication that takes place there? Could you improve it? 
Comprehension and Application Rubric 
Excellent (3)
Acceptable (2)
Unacceptable (1)
Connections   to Experience
Connects   relevant experience and academic knowledge.
Thoroughly   describes a business  environment and uses critical thinking skills to   analyze that environment with the perceptual characteristics of environment   discussed in the text
Describes   a business environment and analyzes that environment using some of the   perceptual characteristics of environment discussed in the text.
Includes   little description environment and no application of the text.
Connections   to Discipline
Sees (makes)   connections across disciplines, perspectives
Architectural design/furniture
(semi-fixed and fixed feature space)
Thoroughly   describes and analyzes the architectural design and furniture by applying the   material in the text.
Describes   and analyzes the architectural design and furniture by applying the material   in the text.
Has   little discussion of architectural design, furniture, or the text.
Adapts and   applies skills, abilities, theories, or methodologies gained in one situation   to new situations.
Based on the analysis, designs a new office space which will   thoroughly enhance communication addressing all the areas of perceptual   characteristics, semi-fixed feature, and fixed feature space.
Designs a new office space which will enhance communication
Has little idea of how to apply the research in order to improve   communication.
Reflection   and Self-Assessment
Demonstrates   a developing sense of self as a learner, building on prior experiences to   respond to new and challenging contexts (may be evident in self-assessment,   reflective, or creative work)
Student   describes his or her office and uses the literature to explain how that   environment affects communication giving special attention to the theory and   research of nonverbal communication. Students makes suggestions as to how the environment could be   improved. Give attention to Hall’s Theory.
Students   has some description of his or her office environment explaining how that   environment affects communication
Paper   includes little discussion of the student’s office environment
Integrated   Communication
Writing and Documentation
Demonstrates   excellent writing and documentation skill using the APA method of   documentation without errors in the body of the paper and in the references. You should document the text.
Demonstrates   average writing skills making few mistakes in grammar or spelling.  Uses   the APA method of documentation with only one or two mistakes in the body of   the paper or references. 
Has   multiple problems using the APA method of documentation. Paper may also   include grammar problems, writing, or spelling problems.

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