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References & Research question # 1 Choe, E., Srisarajivakul, E., Davis, D. E., D

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References & Research question # 1
Choe, E., Srisarajivakul, E., Davis, D. E., DeBlaere, C., Van Tongeren, D. R., & Hook, J. N. (2019). Predicting attitudes towards lesbians and gay men: The effects of social conservatism, religious orientation, and cultural humility. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 47(3), 175–186.
Does an individual who is considered to be heterosexual, tend to have bias attitudes toward an individual who is homosexual due to one’s social conservation?
References & Research question # 2
Di Marco, D., Arenas, A., Munduate, L., & Hoel, H. (2019). Discriminatory language in the workplace: Unmasking prejudices and stereotypes. International Journal of Social Psychology, 34(1), 110–136.
Is there a relation between language and subtle discrimination against individuals who are homosexual in the workplace?
References & Research question # 3
Anand, P. V. (2016). Attitude towards homosexuality: A survey based study. Journal of Psychosocial Research, 11(1), 157–166
Does society have negative attitudes towards men, who are express themselves as being homosexual?
References & Research question # 4
lan K. Malyon PhD (1982) Psychotherapeutic Implications of Internalized Homophobia in Gay Men, Journal of Homosexuality, 7:2-3, 59-69, DOI: 10.1300/J082v07n02_08
Do clinical issues arise from anti-homosexual attitudes that bias the psychological development of the homosexual male?
References & Research question # 5
Oginni, O. A., Mapayi, B. M., Afolabi, O. T., Obiajunwa, C., & Oloniniyi, I. O. (2020). Internalized homophobia, coping, and quality of life among Nigerian gay and bisexual men. Journal of Homosexuality, 67(10), 1447–1470.
Is an individual quality of life effect due to the internalized effects of homophobia, are there coping strategies put in place to help gay and bisexual men?

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