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Remember to properly cite any references, although opinion responses do not requ

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Remember to properly cite any references, although opinion responses do not require citations.
1. If you compare Microsoft and Apple side-by-side, by any measure of business success (market capitalization, stock price, dividends, market ownership), Microsoft is much more successful.  Nonetheless, Steve Jobs has been characterized as a great leader, but Bill Gates has not been so defined. In your opinion, why?
2. A couple of years ago, Walgreen’s announced a plan to move its corporate headquarters overseas to avoid corporate taxes. The estimated savings was estimated at $2 billion a year. Walgreen’s stated that the move was in the best interest of its stockholders despite that fact that the move would result in the loss of a few jobs in the United States.
After the announcement, its stock price increased 12%. However, Walgreen’s suffered a lot of abuse in traditional and social media. One week later, Walgreen’s acquiesced and announced the cancellation of these plans. Its stock price fell. 
While the debate over corporations moving offshore is political, there were clear business advantages. Do you believe that Walgreen’s first decision was ethical? Why do you think Walgreen’s management reversed course?
3. In May 2015, a business owner by the name of Dan Price changed his firm’s pay policy. Here decided to pay every employee the same salary, $70,000. He even reduced his million dollar salary to that amount. His firm has experienced consequences that he did not foresee. 
a. What theories that we have addressed in this course might have given him insight into the consequences of his action?
b. What would these theories have predicted?
4. What is the purpose of continuous process improvement?
5. Describe your understanding of “autonomy, mastery, and purpose.”
6. Do you consider yourself a “Type I” or a “Type X” person? Why?
7. What organizational structure do you consider the best? Why?

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