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Reply with 250-275 words, APA format, scholarly source required This is a respon

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Reply with 250-275 words, APA format, scholarly source required
This is a response from the discussion on how scholarly sources help in projects. 
Scholarly literature from peer-reviewed journals with credible information becomes the most efficient way of collecting data in the integrative project. Researchers, who are experts in a specific field, share their experiments can be highly reliable. Therefore reading scholarly literature has broadened reader’s understanding due to more details and studies performed. There are ethical values in improving our health by recycling, planting trees, performing something bigger than us for the future generation, endangered animals, and the whole planet to drastically extend our lifespan. The selflessness would start by coming together and realize how much bigger global warming is than just the health aspect only in the present. If global warming is being ignored and certain practices prevent it from happening, it can be a consequence in the future. “Although the influence of contextual factors should not be forgotten, lessons drawn from small-scale ex-post analyses that highlight the potential risks and opportunities can provide the evidence to help policymakers avoid negative outcomes and maximize co-benefits, including positive equality outcomes.” (Markkanen, Anger-Kraavi, 2019). The government workforce must execute its capabilities in ensuring equal distribution to the people, such as forest carbon projects and forest protection and prevention with set-up costs. This should be utilized where possible efforts should be able to ensure equitable distribution of benefits at the local level (Markkanen, Anger-Kraavi, 2019). There are poverty, corruption, and limited funds, causing adverse social and unequal distribution (Markkanen, Anger-Kraavi, 2019). The contextual factors, such as our upbringing based on culture and education. The world would worsen due to the lack of knowledge of recycling, pesticide, factories causing pollution, littering, and more.
Markkanen, S., & Anger-Kraavi, A. (2019). Social impacts of climate change mitigation policies and their implications for inequality. Climate Policy, 19(7), 827-844. doi:10.1080/14693062.2019.1596873

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