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REPLY1 One internal method for disseminating my evidence-based proposal will be

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One internal method for disseminating my evidence-based proposal will be the education director of the nursing department. According to Thomas (2018), it is important to understand how the organization values culture and how different cultures will give fruit to results from the evidence-based practices. Approaching the education director will require a proper plan for the change proposal project and how this will improve the quality of patient care. The nursing director will want to know how the information will be presented and how this information will benefit the nurses and the patients. An external method for disseminating my evidence-based proposal will be my union representative. This group is also important because their professional organization can help me with additional resources and assistance that I cannot manage on my own. This group will want to know what my proposal plan is, how it will be introduced to the nurses, and why this will be improving the quality of the patient care and the environment for the nurses.
Thomas, J. S. (2018). Organization culture and values. In GCU’s (Eds.), Nursing leadership & management: Leading and serving. Retrieved from:
The purpose of disseminating evidence-based change proposal in health care is to increase the reach of evidence; increase stakeholders’ motivation to use and apply evidence, as well as increase the ability to use and apply evidence, with the primary intention of spreading knowledge and the associated evidence-based interventions (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2012). Thus, the dissemination of evidence-based change proposal should target the effective and efficient circulation of health information and proposed intervention(s) to a specific public health or clinical practice audience in order to achieve positive health care outcomes.
There are several internal and external methods of disseminating evidence-based change proposal; however, one must ensure the effectiveness of the method(s) applied. The internal method that I would employ to disseminate my evidence-based change proposal is through the management and staff of PowerBack Rehabilitation Center, and the most appropriate method to apply would be a face to face communication with the center’s management staff which comprises of nurses and management staff. The external method that I would use to disseminate my evidence evidence-based change proposal is the publication of my change proposal in a nursing or health care journal or magazine (e. g. American Journal of Critical Care or American Nurse Today).
It is important to report my change proposal to both of these groups because it will go a long way to facilitating the sharing of knowledge and health information that can enhance nursing practice and improve patient outcomes. Furthermore, reporting the findings to the groups would provide the opportunity for feedbacks that can be used to improve my change proposal and interventions. My communication strategies for each group would change based on the feedbacks I receive.
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (2012). Communication and dissemination strategies to facilitate the use of health and health care evidence. Accessed from:

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