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Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbo

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Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:
Textbook: Chapter that pertains to your chosen topic
Minimum of 4 scholarly sources (from Week 5)
This week you continue the individual assignment, working toward completing your Week 7 PowerPoint presentation.
PowerPoint Project Timeline
Week 4
PowerPoint Topic and Organization
Week 5
PowerPoint Outline Rough Draft
Week 6
PowerPoint Outline Final Draft, Images, and Sources
Week 7
PowerPoint Presentation
Week 8
PowerPoint Evaluation
For the final outline, continue conducting research for your presentation, locating specific scholarly sources to include on your references page as needed.
Include and submit the following components:
Title page (title of speech, name of presenter, audience prepared for – school or institution, date). You can use this information to create your first slide in PowerPoint.
PAGE 2-3
General topic, specific topic, thesis statement (one sentence)
Introduction paragraph (written out)
Body in outline format using complete sentences
Summary or conclusion paragraph
PAGE 4-5
5 visuals to be used in your PowerPoint
Beneath each visual describe why you selected this visual and how you plan to use this visual in your PowerPoint.
Paste the images onto the document. Do not simply provide a URL for each image.
Page 6
References page with minimum of 4 authoritative, outside scholarly sources.
These sources can include the sources referenced during Week 5, but you are free to change those sources if they are no longer serving as support for your PowerPoint.
Anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable.
References must be written in APA format with hanging indents, in alphabetical order, and with everything double spaced. The word “references” should be centered.
Include copyrighted image resources in this list. You can copy and paste these citations to use as the last slide in your PowerPoint.
Presentation Note
Do not copy and paste your table of contents, final outline, or visuals description plan into your PowerPoint slides in your Week 7 submission. Your speech slides must be created as a meaningful presentation.
Use a few bullets for each slide with one phrase or one sentence for each bullet.
Do not put any paragraphs into the slides.
Writing Requirements (APA format)
Length: 6 pages (including the title page and references page)
1-inch margins
Double spaced
12-point Times New Roman font

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