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Required to complete the course will involve developing and executing a simple s

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Required to complete the course will involve developing and executing a simple schedule for a residential project with milestones and sub-activities under each task. The requirements for the project are as follows:
Residential Project that includes an apartment residence and is located in San Francisco, CA. The schedule is 26 weeks and will have a minimum of 30 activities that must be scheduled and identified.
Please prepare a schedule that includes:
Start Date
Finish Date
Permit Process
Design Documents
Underground Utility
Rough Framing
Rough Plumbing
Roofing/ Shingles
Flooring/Carpeting/hardwood/vinyl tile
Bath & Kitchen Appliances
heating and security control systems
The project duration will not be provided. Students will be required to develop durations based on what they believe the work scope would be for the project and guesstimate the amount of time you will need for labor. Please create the following reports:
Overall schedule date with milestones
Identify at least 5 trades and the labor required to complete the scope of work in the plans
Identify sub-task activities for at least eight of the tasks identified
Identify staff members and create an hourly rate based on the various trades from Alameda County. Research what the rates would be for San Francisco, CA.
Identify the critical path in your schedule and highlight it in the Gannt Chart.
Write a summary of the project and what the scope of work is for the project.
Please put your name, date, and the name of the project in the title block: “Final Project 31 Fall 2020.”
Please review the documents. In your textbook, they c
an be found in the appendix, p.365—They
is attached below for your review and use.

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