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Resource/Profit Model paper Consider and identify a good or service to which you

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Resource/Profit Model paper
Consider and identify a good or service to which you are familiar. This could be a good or service that the company, which you are employed, offers or a good or service another organization offers.
Conduct research to locate information on the Resource Profit Model (RPM), created by Byron J. Finch. The RPM is a framework that illustrates important elements of Operations Management. Within this model, there are three primary components, to consider: Foundational Success, Components of Value, and Managing Resources to Create Value.  
You are tasked with the responsibility of using these three components as a guide to complete this assignment. Listing these three above components as subtitles will help aide you in this effort.
In the Foundational Success section, be sure to address
·         profitability,
·         strategy,
·         and value.
In the Components of Value section, you will need to address the determination of
·         cost,
·         quality,
·         and timeliness.
In the Managing Resources to Create Value section, you will discuss how the resources add value to the products or services. 
You will essentially write a 10-page paper excluding title and references about how this good or service fits within the model. Be sure to address each element associated with the model. Using subtitles will help you achieve this.
This paper will need to meet APA standards (double-spacing, title page, reference page, etc.) and will need to include in-text citations, which you can retrieve from the textbook and at least three reliable outside sources. 

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