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Respond to at least one peer by supporting agreement or polite disagreement and adding additional information and ideas to further the discussion.( write me up a paragraph responding to this post below ).
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation about 49.5% of people in the United States receive employer-sponsored insurance. This is where the health insurance system failed Joanna because her insurance coverage was based off of employment status. Under the Affordable Care Act employers with 50 or more employees are  only mandated to provide insurance to full-time employees. Joanna is now laid off and unable to provide payment towards her insurance plan therefore she and her son can no longer benefit from the plan. 
The health insurance system has transformed enough, although it still needs work, to provide some options. Joanna could apply through a Marketplace insurance application for free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) (Marketplace Health Care Coverage for Part-Time Employees 2020). Private insurance is also an option but with the loss of employment it would be unlikely that Joanna could afford the cost of the insurance plan. 
One of public healths main concerns is providing or providing access to adequate health services and resources. Public health and public health workers role in the health system transformation is ensuring the big companies understand the needs of the public and provide information and resources to determine which companies best reflect their needs. The combination of public healths work with insurance companies and the public could create a system where both sides understand and benefit from each other equally. 

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