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Respond to this question, then post a response to your classmate’s post: “In you

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Respond to this question, then post a response to your classmate’s post:
“In your own words, compare and contrast the Transportation and Assignment models. You may give examples to illustrate your explanation.” (about 150 words)
DON’T forget to do a peer response! Your responses to your peers have to be meaningful. Yes, I agree or No, I disagree won’t earn full points. (about 50-100 words)
Respond to this post: “Assignment models are focused on resources and tasks, aka assignments. Assignments could be a job such as juicing enough lemons for a pitcher of lemonade. The resources in this model would be the person assigned to the task of squeezing the lemons. These problems are available in minimization or maximization with a focus on cost or ratings. The biggest emphasis here is that assignment models are purely 1 to 1, meaning that the demand and the destination or ending point can only be one. The supplier cannot deliver to multiple destinations. On the contrary, Transportation models are focused on supply and demand relationships. The supply is the source of the goods or services a company is providing. Looking back at our lemonade example the supplier could be the grocery store that sells the lemons. The destination where the lemons are demanded would be the stand where they will ultimately be squeezed and served to customers. Transportation models have a wide purview in considering costs ranging from holding inventory (holding onto the lemonade), producing the lemonade (labor costs) etc. Transportation, unlike Assignment models, focuses on minimization of all costs. “

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