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Review your required reading by Yu-Chih Liu and Asri Rizki (2016). Examine Table

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Review your required reading by Yu-Chih Liu and Asri Rizki (2016). Examine Table 2 and Figure 1, and consider the discussion offered by the authors.
Post your researched thoughts on how the risk factors mentioned in the reading impact ongoing projects with which you are familiar.
Include your thoughts on the impact of these factors on international projects, or when international consultants and/or suppliers are involved.
Support your positions with at least one current (no older than five years) scholarly source, beyond the course materials and textbooks.
Chapter 8 in Mastering Risk and Procurement
Yu-Chih Liu, J., & Asri Rizki, Y. (2016). Differences between clients’ and vendors’ perceptions of IT outsourcing risks: Project partnering as the mitigation approach. Project Management Journal, 47(1), 45-58.
Duening, T. N., Hisrich, R. D., & Lechter, M. A. (2015). Chapter 11 – contracts. In T.N. Duening, R.D Hisrich, & M.A. Lechter (Eds.), Technology entrepreneurship: Taking innovation to the marketplace (2nd ed.). Beaverton: Ringgold Inc.
Hajmohannad, S., & Vachon, S. (2016). Mitigation, avoidance, or acceptance? Managing supplier sustainability risk. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 52(2), 48-65.
Canon, S. (2018). Procurement: Legal issues & contract law – Terms and conditions. PHS Management Training. Retrieved from
Wilson, R. (2015). Mastering risk and procurement in project management: A guide to planning, controlling, and resolving unexpected problems (1st ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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