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Select a topic from website ( Select a subcategory. Select one program from your topic that had no effect (RED = ineffective) and one program which was effective (GREEN = effective). Download the two pages and the original articles of the studies. For Each Study Answer the Following Questions: -What type of program was it?
-Who was the target population?
-Identify hypotheses
-Identify the dependent and independent variables
-Identify the methodology used to collect data
-Discuss the limitations of the studies
-What are the strengths and weaknesses of the program?
-What barriers were there to implementing the program?
-Which variables impacted the effectiveness of the intervention/program?
In comparing the two programs:
– What is the effectiveness of RED Compared to the GREEN programs?
– For the RED study, what would you do different?
– For the GREEN study what would you do differently?
– Why did one program fail (RED) and why did one program succeed (GREEN)?
Guidelines (in the Fall focus on Methodology & in the Spring focus on Literature Review & Findings & Implication via CJ4600)
Title/Cover page
Page 1- Introduction (one paragraph)
Page 1&2- Discuss the RED program
Page 2&3 – Discuss the GREEN program
Pages 4&5 Compare and Contrast the two programs (particularly the methodology – what worked and what did not)
Page 6 Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)
Reference Page
*Specifics as to writing: Primary supporting sources for relevant literature will be found in recent (less than five (5) year old) peer reviewed journal articles, current textbooks, and government publications as well as newspaper stories written during the semester. Students shall be judicious in the use of Internet sources that offer little if any verification of authenticity. The link will provide programs which are to be compared (a ‘green/effective’ program with a ‘red/ineffective’ program). The research paper will be constructed to demonstrate the student’s cognitive ability and writing
skills. Gender inclusive language is expected. Research papers shall follow the following format:
a. All work must be typed within 1-inch margins
b. APA style is required (i.e., Reference page not Works cited/used or Bibliography)
c. Use New Times Roman, 12-point font
d. Double spaced with page numbers on upper right corner of all pages excluding cover sheet
Cite If Needed

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