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Select a work of any discipline of humanities (Art, Musical Theater, Dramatic Th

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Select a work of any discipline of humanities (Art, Musical Theater, Dramatic Theater, Literature, Cinema), analyze the work using 5 or more concepts from this course. Be sure to include the name of the work, author/composer/director/artist and the year it was created. Describe the historical context relevant to this work (e.g. What was going on in the world that has impacted it?) Describe the artistic movement/genre or influences relevant to this work (e.g. Neoclassicism, Renaissance, Modernism, New Wave…)
Identify some philosophical, moral or religious concepts that may have influenced this work (e.g. concept of happiness, love, life affirmation, etc.) Be sure to use some of the technical terminology relevant to your selected work (e.g. libretto, aria, leitmotif, romanticism, neo-realism…) Be sure to clearly and accurately define the terminology used and follow up with an example of how this particular concept applies to the work you have selected. Conclude your analysis by recommending or not recommending this work to your readers. For Business pathway, start by identifying a work of humanities that explores the various aspects of business. For example, consider works that explore the ethical, financial or operational aspects. (i.e. the Wolf of Wall Street). As an alternative, consider the financial aspects of financing a production or a film. Be sure to also analyze the work from using the concepts discussed during our course.

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