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Short Essay 2 (Drama) For this assignment, respond to one of the following promp

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Short Essay 2 (Drama)
For this assignment, respond to one of the following prompts. Your response must address the prompt directly, and provide evidence for your analysis from the texts. You are to quote the texts directly and analyze those quotations fully in your response.
1. Many tragedies show the hardships and difficulties of everyday life. For this prompt, you are to compare and contrast the problems that are addressed in Death of a Salesman and Fences. For this prompt, compare Willy (Death of a Salesman) and Troy (Fences), and show how they are used to highlight the problems with poverty in America.
2. Often, plays can literally give voice to the voiceless, putting people on stage to say what many people cannot (at least not without repercussions). For this prompt, explain how A Doll’s House and Trifles give voice to women. Identify one character form each play, and show an example of how that character can speak in ways that they might be punished for in real life.
3. Most tragedies have one character who serves as the truth teller, the one who forces the other characters (and the audience) to face the truth of the situation. In Death of a Salesman, that character is Biff. For this prompt, identify what truth Biff tells, and compare that to any other character in any other play we read.

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