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sing the information in the figure below, answer the following questions. (The s

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sing the information in the figure below, answer the following questions. (The sample data may not represent all future field values; use common knowledge and consider the domain for each field)
We record only the last sale for each car. For each sale, a car can be sold to only one customer; however, each customer can buy (own) more than one car.
Include the below numbers to organize the submission. DO NOT include the Questions or other content from the instructions.
1) Describe functional dependency only; NOT full functional dependency, or partial dependency, or transitive dependency. Hint – review the Functional Dependencies Topic in the Terms and Concepts discussion. While you may incorporate the formal definition, you must explain the concept in your own words, using fields names and values from this exercise. 15%
Using the functional dependency notation shown on pages 412, 413 Examples 14.4, 14.5, identify the functional dependencies that exist in the above figure. All attributes should be included at least once. There may be more than one row of functional notation needed. 15%
2) Identify a primary key for the table in the above figure. 10%
Indicate whether there are any alternate keys (for this table) 15%
explain each of the above choices
3) Is the table in 3NF? 10%
If not, explain why – (provide specific rationale, use field names and values in the table to demonstrate your understanding). 15%
Explain what normal form the table provided is in. 10%
APA guidelines, spelling, grammar, file name 10%

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