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So what does poverty look like?   How does it taste?   Who is effected?   Can we

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So what does poverty look like?   How does it taste?   Who is effected?   Can we overcome it?   Well, here is one idea:
Rich and Poor in America
We have battled this issue from the founding of the nation.   Industrialization brought widespread poverty and it continues.   President Lyndon Johnson declared an unconditional war on poverty.  Dr. King was preparing to march on DC in a Poor People’s Campaign before he was assassinated.  Poverty remains endemic in this nation.  While some may be tempted to suggest that the poor are poor b/c they are lazy, shiftless and prone to vice, that would be missing a great deal about poverty. 
And what does this link seem to reveal? (Links to an external site.)
We seem to miss that the homeless and those living in poverty are the most vulnerable:  children, women, veterans, the infirmed, persons of color and our seniors.  Watch these two short new You Tube videos 
Veterans living below poverty
How do you define poverty?  Be specific using the materials from this site.
Are we callous as a people and a nation in relationship to the poor?  Explain your position.
What do you see as the potential means for addressing the issue today?

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