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Copy paste the link and it will take you to the website. 
These questions should be on a separate page: 
PROMPT: For Essay 1, you will investigate one web site, using criteria listed on the SoftChalk instructions to develop an opinion of the site you have selected. To help you with your decision, you might want to consider answering the following questions. 
Why did you select the site you chose? What do the site have in common with other sites like it? What are their differences? Which questions did you use to evaluate the quality of the site? Why did you decide on these questions? What does the visual and verbal information of your site tell you, the reader? 
Once you have posted your initial comments of about 250 words, return to the discussion to read all the postings of your classmates. Choose at least two classmates and write replies of at least 150 words to each. Make sure you address them by first name and then sign your reply with your own first name.

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