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Sometimes i pull information from other sources… but i do not cite them, they

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Sometimes i pull information from other sources… but i do not cite them, they are used purely for reference.. today i just do not have time.
This week, we examine American industrialization, assumptions about the role of government in the economy, and, ultimately, ideas about the value of human life.
This was a period in which there were very few safety regulations — and roughly 80,000 Americans were killed on the job every year. Work was dangerous, paid very little, and demanded long hours (often 12 to 16 hours shifts). Often, employers required workers to live in company housing (and pay high rent back to their bosses) and paid them in fake money (only good at the company-owned store). There was also very little in the way of a “safety net,” so without employment, people lived on the street and went hungry.
Further, when workers went on strike to demand better pay and safer working conditions, they were met with brutal violence from employers, who hired private armies and had the support of mayors, governors, and even US Presidents.
Striking workers were frequently beaten, arrested, or murdered. While “Laissez-faire” government was indeed “hands off” in terms of protective regulations, it was “guns on” when it came to supporting employers–not neutral.
Unsurprisingly, while the masses of working class Americans struggled to survive during this period, the nation’s factories, railroads, and mines were incredibly profitable.
-Dr. Barrett
For this assignment, examine the following:
1) Agnes Nestor, “I Became a Striker,” 1890s
2) John Spargo, from The Bitter Cry of Children, 1906
3) Rose Schneiderman, “Speech at the Metropolitan Opera House,” 1911
4) President Warren G. Harding, “Address to Congress,” 1921
Before you begin, read the course WRITING GUIDE.
Then, write a detailed paper about what these primary sources reveal about the time period we are studying — at least 600 words (not counting direct quotations).
It should demonstrate how the decisions of businesses and governments impacted the lives of workers, their working conditions, and their abilities to try to change those things.
Use specific examples from each document.
It may be helpful to consider the following:
* In what ways were workers denied freedom during this period? Be specific. How? Why?
* What ideas about workers, businesses, and rights shaped these limits on freedom?
* What do these documents tell us about employers during this period? What do they tell us about workers during this period?
* What do these working conditions tell us about how Americans valued the lives of industrial workers (many of whom were poor immigrants)? What were employers’ assumptions?
* What does Harding mean by businesses’ right to operate “unimpeded?” What kinds of impediments to businesses’ rights are proposed by Nestor, Schneiderman, and Spargo? Whose rights do they value?
* Harding claims to value the interests “of all the people,” but what does he mean by “stamping out the practices which add to unrest and inspire restrictive legislation?” Whose interests does he value the most?

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