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Step 1:  Read the Forward (IX-XVII) and Introduction (1-25) to our textbook Loca

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Step 1:  Read the Forward (IX-XVII) and Introduction (1-25) to our textbook Local Actions to develop a perspective on how you will frame your discussion as an agent of change.
Step 2: With the book open, begin responding to the questions below to help guide your writing. Ideally, one question should be addressed in one to two paragraphs. Remember, we are writing with our pattern of Claims/Evidence/Analysis in MLA format. Utilize the following questions to develop your first project
How do you define literacy?
How does your community, or one community of many that you are a member of define literacy? Is this similar or different to your definition?
How do these two definitions shape your identity?
What does your identity mean in relation to Checker and Fishman’s concept of American life? (12).
Review your response to the previous questions. In your concluding paragraph, discuss two to three issues that you believe have been obstacles to achieving your literacy goals in terms of Checker and Fishman’s idea of cultural activist (4)?
Make sure you pull quotes and cite from the Forward and Introduction. You may pull additional resource to help with your response.
Submission guidelines
You will submit the fully formatted Word Doc, Docx or Pdf
Minimum of 1,500 words.
1 Primary/Secondary resource (Your textbook) – Full MLA

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