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Story Pitch: The idea of this topic came to my mind when I was reading the essay

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Story Pitch:
The idea of this topic came to my mind when I was reading the essay which was writing during high school. I saw how homeless people were shivering and trying their best to stay warm and cozy using different materials like worn-out blankets and clothes. It is therefore very important to look at how homeless people survive and how they can be helped.
For this story, my main questions will be simple and basic but I will ensure that the story has a more visual impact through the interviews I will conduct. In the story, I will interview few homeless people, to understand their side f the story and how they can be helped. 
I will also get in touch with some shelter homes to help understand their roles, especially during the winter season. I will also get their views on the role of the government in helping these people. I will shoot this interview by starting with a short clip of the life of the homeless and their daily struggles, especially during the winter season. This story will help people to see the struggle that these people go through and think of a plan of helping them out. 
This initial Q&A assignment is chance to try out your interviewing and basic construction skills before we get into more complex story types
As with every assignment, the topic you focus on here should be newsworthy and include the following:
500 words
A clear angle
A brief intro/setup before you get into the questions and answers (Could be a couple lines)
Distinct structure (Intro, clear distinction between questions and answers)
AP style (punctuation, etc.)
For this assignment, the subject can be someone you know — again as long as the topic is still relevant
The assignment will be graded based on the criteria above as well as your overall voice and tone.

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