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Students are expected to write two critique papers. Students will choose two top

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Students are expected to write two critique papers. Students will choose two topics from the list on the back page of the syllabus. Students will write a two-page critique of their topics chosen.  Students may do research on their topics, but students MUST cite the references in the body as well as on the reference page. A title page is REQUIRED for this assignment. The critique papers MUST be submitted through Turnitin.  If you do not submit your paper through Turnitin, a grade of “0” will be given for the assignment. You MUST read the chapters in order to understand the topics you choose to write about. The first critique is due Friday, October 2, 2020 in Turnitin before midnight.  The second critique is due Friday, November 6, 2020 in Turnitin before midnight.
What effect does Facebook and other social media have on people’s self-esteem? (Chapter 3)
How do people in East Asia often differ from North Americans in the way they explain people’s behavior? (Chapter 4)
Where do stereotypes come from, and why are they so resistant to change? (Chapter 5)
Why do we often like what we suffer for? (Chapter 6)
How do salespeople sometimes trick us into buying things we never really wanted? (Chapter 7)
Why do people often perform worse in groups than they would have alone? (Chapter 8)
How similar or different are the sexes in what they look for in an intimate relationship? (Chapter 9)
When is a bystander more or less likely to help you in an emergency? (Chapter 10)
Does exposure to TV violence or to pornography trigger aggressive behavior? (Chapter 11)
Can interrogators really get people to confess to serious crimes they did not commit? (Chapter 12)

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