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Students will select 2 chapters from our text “Looking out Looking In” that refl

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Students will select 2 chapters from our text “Looking out Looking In” that reflects an area of interest that they will research and relate to their own interpersonal relationships. Students will submit a 3-5-page research paper that analyzes and explores the ways in which they can become more effective communicators.
The research paper must be submitted according to college level standards:
Pages should be formatted with 1 inch margins, double spaced in 12pt Times New Roman font.
Title page should include: assignment title, student’s first and last name, course number/title, date, and instructor’s name.
A spelling and grammar check is expected before you submit your assignment. Spelling and grammar will be taken into consideration in the evaluation.
All sources should be in accordance with MLA formatting.
The communication topics you have selected will also be represented in your Power Point Presentation. It will be a visual representation of your research paper. You are encouraged to be creative with your presentation. Please submit your Power Point through Canvas. Below is a list of the requirements per section:
Paper (60 Points)
Title page
3-5 pages not including cover page
Minimum of 5 scholarly sources used to support your research
Times New Roman 12-point font 1-inch margin double spaced
Spelling and grammar check

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