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Submit slides for a 10-15 minute presentation on a topic related to sound and co

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Submit slides for a 10-15 minute presentation on a topic related to sound and communication.
Let me elaborate (a) what I mean by slides and (b) suggest two possible topics.
(a) Ideally, you will be giving an in-class presentation based on your slides, but given the limitations of this class being an on-line class, you will only be submitting the slides rather than following that up with an actual presentation. That said, in evaluating your slides, I must be able to imagine what your presentation will be like based on the slides alone. So, make sure you annotate your slides with what you will be saying in your “imaginary” presentation. You can annotate the slides either by adding notes at the bottom of each slide or writing a transcript of your presentation in a separate document. But if you don’t think notes or transcripts do justice, please feel free to make a video recording of your presentation.
(b) In principle, the topic can be anything related to sound and communication. Here are my suggestions if you’re having difficulty choosing one: (1) difference between a language you know and English in terms of sound patterns, word structure or phrase structure or (2) communicative systems of non-human animals that we have not already covered in class. Again, you are welcome to explore and discuss any other topic that you find interesting and relevant to the course, but talk to me in advance to ensure that your topic is indeed relevant.

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