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Substantive response. please further discussion. End response with a question. A

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Substantive response. please further discussion. End response with a question.
APA format
175-265 words
Cite 1 reference
Margarita Alcantara
10:27 PM
Organizational responsibility is defined as context-specific organizational actions and policies that take into account stakeholders’ expectations and the triple bottom line of economic, social, and environmental performance (Aguinis, 2011). Industrial organizational psychology researchers and practitioners can help organizations do good and do well (Aguinis, 2011). Organizational responsibility requires a cultural change similar to embracing performance excellence or quality (Aguinis, 2011). There are six steps for strategic responsibility management which include, creating a vision and values related to responsibility, identifying expectations through stakeholders’ dialogue and prioritizing them, developing initiatives that are integrated with corporate strategy, raising internal awareness through employee training, institutionalizing strategic responsibility management as a way of doing business on an ongoing basis by measuring and rewarding processes and results, and reporting on the status of the dialogue and the initiatives through a yearly organizational responsibility report that is made available internally and externally (Aguinis, 2011). With my previous employer, these six steps were talked about during a time that we were going to undergo a change that was going to affect everyone, but it was not executed the way the plan was talked about. The step that the organization failed in was raising internal awareness through employee training because they did not properly prepare the employees for the change. There was a lack of training, communication, and preparation, which ultimately lead to the staff failing one another. This caused tension within the staff because the management failed to train employees properly. 
Aguinis, H. (2011). Organizational responsibility: Doing good and doing well. APA Handbook    of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 3, 855-879.

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