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Sula and Nel become a close friends to each other in adolescent friendship. They

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Sula and Nel become a close friends to each other in adolescent friendship. They both grew up with absent fathers. “They had already made each other acquaintances in the delirium of their moon dreams. They were solitary little girls whose loneliness was so profound in intoxicated them and sent them into a technicolored vision that always included a preference of someone who shared the delight of a dream.” Brought them together, they become inseparable, and they shared and lived many parts of their lives. “They found in each other’s eyes the intimacy they were looking for.” They are very different. Sula becomes a liberated and morally and sexually free woman. Nel is the opposite of Sula. She wants to get married and be a family woman. Both me as a reader and Nel realized Sula’s strange way of thinking; when Sula cuts her finger to defend them both agains a group of bullies, Nel notices “Sula’s face” unrecognizable, “seemed miles and miles away.” They also shared a traumatic event that they kept for them. This was chicken little death into a river and drowned. “there was nothing on their minds but the grey sky.” I agree that Nel is the real protagonist since it is presented as the “good guy during the novel’s trajectory.” She is the victim. Her best friend betrayed her along with her husband, and she is the one transformed by the end.

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