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Summary of Assessment Method: A management report applying strategic management

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Summary of Assessment Method: A management report applying strategic management concepts and frameworks to a real-life organisation and/or industry situation (up to 2,500 words maximum)
Company: Samsung
You are asked to develop a management report analysing the situation of a case study business, which you can choose yourself. Your report will carry out a strategic analysis and make strategic recommendations for the future direction of the business. You should use a variety of theoretical materials as well as company/market/sector data in order to complete the report.
The template for your report should at the least be as follows, but of course you should reflect the content of your own report and amend the template/section titles as necessary:
Title Page (title should be specific to the report) Contents Page
Brief Background to Case Study Organisation
Internal and External Analysis (25%)
Identification of Company’s Sustainable Competitive Advantage (25%)
Strategic Recommendations Based on Analysis, and Discussion of Implementation Issues (25%)
Conclusion Reference List Appendices
25% of your mark will be for demonstration of overall, coherent critical analysis and structured, sensible argument.
Assignment Criteria:
Demonstration of analytical skills of working with data and problem-solving.
Evidence of critical approach in your writing.
Evidence of skilful and critical application of the theoretical models/concepts to address the assessment task.
Use of a wide range of credible academic and professional sources to develop arguments.
Evidence of wider reading.
Use of relevant and up-to-date information on the case study organisation.
F o r ma t :
Maximum word limit of 2,500 words. You are allowed 10% deviation from the word count.
Written in professional management report format.
The report should be appropriately referenced and cited using Harvard Referencing System.
The report should be written in the third person. Clearly structured with headings and subheadings. Word processed using 1.5 line spacing. Font 12 Arial.

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