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Surprisingly, according to the text, traditional, brick-and-mortar retail stores

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Surprisingly, according to the text, traditional, brick-and-mortar retail stores are still the preferred method of shopping by most consumers. Online shopping and catalogs are second and third. (Hawkins & Mothersbaugh, 2016)
The main reasons, again, according to the text consumers prefer traditional to online is the ability to touch the products, they don’t want to give personal financial information over the Internet, delivery costs are too high, and returns are a hassle.
Amazon with its Prime option has turned the retail world on its ear.
1.   Discuss how Amazon Prime is addressing these concerns and how it has impacted your consumer behavior?  (125 words)
Think about the importance of the mobile device and social media during the current pandemic!
Business models are changing dramatically and I heard today, apps that take and illustrate the body temperature are taking off.
In my view, smartphones will become even more important as we develop new ways for consumers to behave and interact.
2.  What other features could we build into our smartphone/technology world? I keep looking at the future of Amazon drone deliveries and self-driving vehicles, for example.   (125 words)

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