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Task  1—-Enterprise (Discussion – 1 page)(today) Reading Assignments Reading A

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Task  1—-Enterprise (Discussion – 1 page)(today)
Reading Assignments
Reading Assignments
Enterprise Risk Management Integrating with Strategy and Performance Executive Summary. (2017, June). Retrieved from
Do, H., Railwaywalla, M., & Thayer, J. (2016). Integration of ERM with Strategy (p. 35). Retrieved from Poole College of Management, NCSU website:
After reading the main articles this week, and any other relevant research you locate, please discuss the following in your main post:.
· Which case study in the paper was most interesting to you and why?
Do you think that ERM is necessary in the contemporary organization and why?
Task 2—–Enterprise Paper ( 4 pages)
The reading this week discusses strategy and how ERM can be integrated with an organization’s overall strategy. Prepare a research paper on some of the various issues, protocols, methods, frameworks you found and discuss how – if possible – organizations can use ERM as strategy. It is perfectly acceptable if you deem ERM cannot be used as strategy, just back up your claim with scholarly research and justifications.
Task 3—–Organ & Leader Discussion (1 page)(today)
Benbya, H., Ning Nan, Tanriverdi, H., & Youngjin Yoo. (2020). Complexity and Information Systems Research in the Emerging Digital World. MIS Quarterly, 44(1), 1–17.
After completing the reading   this week, we reflect on a few key concepts this week:
Organizational performance is   the fifth aspect of the model, reflect on the question, do certain leadership   behaviors improve and 
sustain performance at the   individual, group, and organizational level? Please explain your response.
There were two types of   innovation addressed this week (product and process innovation), please note   your own personal definition
of these concepts and offer an example of   both.
Task 4——  organ & leader (4 pages)
This week’s journal article was focused on how information and communication innovation drives change in educational settings. The key focus of the article was how technology-based leadership has driven the digital age. Also, that the role of technology leadership incorporates with the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM).
In this paper, address the following key concepts:
1. Define TAM and the components.
2. Note how TAM is impacting educational settings.
3. Give an overview of the case study presented and the findings.
Note: APA format, No plagiarism, Citations & References .Date need to be added to cover page. 
Attached ppt is enterprise week2 ppt.

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