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Task The focus of the assignment is the re-launch of the “Lobster/Sea-food festi

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The focus of the assignment is the re-launch of the “Lobster/Sea-food festival” which will take place sometime in 2021.  You are to design the festival and need to think through some of the following issues in coming up with your ideas:
• What the nature of event should be (type, duration, facilities and activities….)• When should the festival run?• What would be attractive in the marketplace (competitor offerings, best practice, value proposition, price point)• Which customer segments to target and how• How they could use events to create customer experience congruent within the mission (Bridlington Lobster Capital of Europe) and brand (customer journey)• Risk of undertaking the activity and how these can be mitigated. • How immersive such a festival should be e.g. overnight camping/glamping, tasks, activities, instruction……..• What type of things would work for a 12/24/36 hours of activity? • Could it be tied into other tourist assets that exist?• Are their learnings from organizations which have tried and succeeded or failed in similar activities?• What specific customer experience factors need to be considered both positives and negatives?• Some indication of how to “launch” such an event.• Costs, budget, profit?
This is an Individual assignment:
Key Specifications and Requirements:
1. All contact with “sea food festival” organizing committee must be via the module leader.2. Assignment is to be produced as a professional report.3. Assignment length – 3500* (not including cover page, executive summary, contents, data charts, references and appendices).  Mark penalties will be applied in accordance with HUBS guidelines. 4. You are expected to produce 10 PowerPoint slides in the format of a “sales pitch” based on the ideas you create.  This will be submitted as an appendix to the main report and should not exceed 500 words (part of the 3500 words).5. You must acknowledge any factual sources of information and include references to ideas, assertion or concepts used in your discussion.  Failure to adequately referencing resources is treated as plagiarism under regulation of The Business School, University of Hull.6. You must use Harvard Referencing System to state any factual sources of information in the text and the list in a bibliography.  You can find further detailsof how to do this in the Business School Study Skills Handbook.7. It may help to have someone read through your assignment in draft form, to detect any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typing errors or confusion in your use of language. Careless work rarely achieves top marks and good presentation can help a strong argument to be understood more easily. 8. Content Requirement, students must demonstrate: 
•Knowledge of the subject area in question.
•The ability to search out additional (relevant) material to that given in the lecture. 
•The ability to marshal material into logical and coherent lines of reasoning in critical and analytical fashion. 
•The ability to inform the reader whilst answering the question. 
•The ability to acknowledge the contribution of others with accurate and appropriate referencing (use Harvard Referencing System) – when relevant to use. 

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