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Term Paper Instructions In this course, you will write a term paper on a current

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Term Paper Instructions
In this course, you will write a term paper on a current medical ethics issue of your choice. Give this some thought, this will be the topic you will be using for the outline, rough draft, and final term paper assignments. Make sure you can find articles for support of your topic. Read the term paper requirements before you select your medical ethics issue topic to insure it is what you want to research.
Your term paper should:
Discuss the technical aspects of your topic in general terms.
Discuss the public policy debates relevant to the topic you choose. This section should cover arguments that are in favor of and opposed to the use of the techniques or products.
Express your personal opinion regarding the importance of the topic and the validity of the pro and con arguments. 
Week 2 Term Paper: Topic
In this assignment you will select a current medical ethics issue to research and write about for your research paper, which is due week 10. 
Select a topic related to one of the following current medical ethics issues:
End of Life
Eugenics and Human Genetics
Medical Research
Reproductive Issues
Organ Donation and Transplantation
Public Health Issues
Access to Health Care
In a Word document, state your medical ethics issue (for instance, if you choose to write about End of Life, the medical issue might be physician-assisted suicide), and write a paragraph explaining why you have chosen this medical ethics issue to research. 
Writing Resource:
Choosing a Topic
Week 4 Term Paper: Outline
This week, you will submit an outline of your term paper.
Your submission must include an introduction, body, and conclusion sections in outline format.
Each section of your outline should include topic sentences and paragraph transitions that help tie your major points together.
Your outline must follow current APA style formatting.
Refer to the writing resources below to get started.
Writing Resources:
Outline Template
Four Components for Effective Outlines
* Need PLAG report

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