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The final exam will consist of seven weighted short essay questions. I will not

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The final exam will consist of seven weighted short essay questions. I will not grade on grammar/spelling as long as I can understand your meaning. You are allowed to use your notes on the exam; the questions are designed to see if you can apply the principles of the class. There will be no set time limit, but you must complete the exam by 11:59pm on 12/14. Make sure to read the questions carefully and answer ALL parts of the question. The fastest way to lose points on this test is by not completing the question – if I ask for two examples and you give me one, you will lose half of the points.
I have listed the questions and their weights below.
Final Exam Questions:
1. You’re trying to give a speech, but a person in the back of the room is coughing. It stops for a while, then it starts up again. It’s really loud. How do you handle it? (10 pts)
2. Two major techniques used in ceremonial speaking are identification and magnification. Explain them and give an example of how you might use each one in a speech. (10 pts)
3. Explain three things you should do to make your slide show presentation effective. (10 pts)
4. You are asked to give a presentation on a matter of public health. It is important that your audience trusts you and follows your recommendations. What are three things you can do to make yourself appear credible in their eyes? (10 pts)
5. You are asked to give a presentation encouraging people to recycle. List the five steps of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and give an example of how you could apply each one to your recycling speech. (20 pts.)
6. You have to make a persuasive presentation to a group of people who actively disagree with you due to their religious or political beliefs. What strategy will you use to get them to reconsider without offending or angering them? (It might help you to think of a specific example such as needle exchange programs or climate change). (20 pts)
7. You are asked to give a speech introducing Malala Yousafzai, who will be speaking to the students at SUNY Erie. What are some considerations to make your speech of introduction a success? Give specific examples, remembering to include techniques used for ceremonial speaking. (20 pts) (If you are not familiar with Malala, I have included a link in this folder for you to review.)

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